We got goats and you won’t believe how we got them home!

We got goats and you won’t believe how we got them home!

Our family friends made the move from California to Arkansas and the house they bought came with 7 goats. Before they moved here, we told them we would take whatever goats they didn’t want as goats are something we’ve been wanting to add to our farm. Well, today they sent us home with 4!

We weren’t exactly sure how we were going to get them home but if you know Andrew at all, he’ll come up with some crazy idea to make it happen. We thought about bringing them home in our dog crates but decided against that idea. As I was getting stuff ready to head up north, Andrew built a make shift goat pen in the bed of his truck out of pallets and a crib. Doesn’t this remind you of the Beverly Hillbillies? 😂

Andrew and Roger loaded the 2 bucks with horns in first. Lisa stood in the bed of the truck holding the door to the pen, I stood there and took pictures (#pregnancyperks), and Oakley napped. The first two went in fine but when it came time to get the two polled goats, it wasn’t as easy. Roger caught the black one and loaded him in first but while Andrew and Roger were trying to coax the white one, aka the smartest one to the truck with feed, the black one slipped through the pallet and jumped off the back of the truck.

They added a couple of boards to the pen to make sure they couldn’t escape again and continued trying to convince both of the goats to walk over to the truck but they had figured out their tricks at this point. So, Andrew picked them up and loaded them into the goat pen with the other two.

The whole way home we got so many laughs, odd stares, and pictures taken of our “goat pen.” We joked that we would end up on one of those memes that said, “Only in Arkansas.” Of course after they perplexingly stared at our pen with four goats in it, they were curious to see who was driving the truck. Poor Andrew but I can’t say I blame them lol. And this is exactly why I love living the farm life with Andrew, he is so resourceful, creative, and every day is an adventure. We’re making memories that will last a lifetime and provide years of laughter.

Oakley was beside herself to get some goats from her grandparents. She loves to feed them and giggles the entire time. She hugs them, kisses them, and laughs when they lick or nibble on her fingers. Maggie, Georgia, and Pistol Pete aren’t sure what to think. They just stare at them like they’re some sort of weird creatures they’ve never seen before. This is the start of our goat herd and we’re so excited! I’ll introduce our new additions to our farm, explain our plans, and why we chose the breed we did another day!

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