Diy (Inexpensive) Farm Sign

Diy (Inexpensive) Farm Sign

*Make sure you read all the way to the end. There may be a hidden surprise in this post 😉

Every once in a while, okay actually pretty often I have the urge to create something with my hands. I guess you could call it my version of self care. I feel fulfilled and accomplished after I get creative and make something with my hands.

One of the things Andrew and I enjoy doing together are little projects around the farm with materials that we already have. We feel like it’s one way to put our own touch on our farm and house. A couple of weeks ago, we took the side by side to the property that my father in law bought and found this old, rusted sign? I’ve been told the triangles are brackets for an old closet organizer? If you’re into antiques, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Anyway, I thought it would make a perfect sign for our farm.

Andrew and I took it home, spray painted it, and then wrote on the triangles with sharpie. I started out writing with a Sharpie paint pen but it ended up running out, so I switched to a regular Sharpie and it worked just as well. I actually had to write on them twice because I wrote on them upside down the first time 😂The pot that it’s sitting in was actually an old mineral tub that we spray painted black. Andrew found the four wooden posts laying around and created a square planter around it. Then, he filled it with rocks from the planters in front of our house. You can read the post about our diy landscaping here.

The only money we really invested into this project was for the potting soil and flowers, which were both on sale. Andrew and I were excited to complete a project that contributed to making this farm our own, added character, and most importantly, we enjoyed doing together. If you look closely at the sign, you might see a big hint about what’s coming to our little farm! If you see what I’m talking about, leave a comment below!

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