How To Get Your Chickens To Lay In Their Nesting Boxes

This whole dream to own our own farm started 5 years ago in the suburbs of Southern California with backyard chickens and now we’re living in Arkansas living out our dreams. One of my favorite things to do is to collect eggs and when our chickens started laying a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to get the eggs with Oakley every day. I knew she would enjoy it as much as I do!

There was one problem though, our chickens weren’t laying in their nesting boxes. They were laying wherever they felt like it. It was still hot and there was no telling how long they had been there so we didn’t feel comfortable eating them. It was like a treasure hunt every day.

One mistake we made was not putting shavings in their nesting boxes soon enough. My advice to you is to make sure you have shavings in the boxes ahead of time. Shavings will also help with keeping the eggs clean when they lay them.

We were so excited our chickens started laying but we were bummed they weren’t laying in their nesting boxes. We decided to try putting the eggs we found around the farm in their nesting boxes to encourage them to lay in them. Before we placed them in the nesting boxes, we marked them with sharpie so we knew which ones were old and which ones were new. It didn’t take long and our chickens were laying in their nesting boxes! You can buy fake eggs at places like Tractor Supply and Atwood’s but we decided to use the eggs we already had.

If you have any tips on getting your chickens to lay in their nesting boxes, leave it in the comments below!

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