You Have Goat to be Kidding Me

You Have Goat to be Kidding Me

You probably remember from a while back that we got four goats. Just in case you don’t, I wrote a whole post about how we got them home in style… Beverly Hillbillies style that is. You can read about that here. I also introduced them and wrote about our plans for them here. Well, this past week we thought our goat experience was over.

We have an area on our farm that is perfect for goats but in typical Andrew and Courtney fashion, we brought them home before that area was ready. Who can pass up goats if the opportunity presents itself, right? They currently live in our barn and catch pen. One day, we decided to let them out and see if they could live with Pistol Pete in the same pasture. In typical Pistol Pete fashion, he chased them and chased them. Probably to death if we weren’t there to separate them. Then we thought maybe we could let them out with our heifers, Maggie and Georgia. Maggie and Georgia weren’t phased and we really weren’t worried about them escaping through our 7 strand barbed wire fence because there’s soooo much for them to eat in that pasture.

And that my friends, is where we went WRONG. Let me preface this story with, last week Andrew got pretty sick and went to the ER twice. They thought it was his gallbladder or stomach ulcers but found out it was gastritis after putting a scope down his throat. Once his stomach started feeling better, he got horrible back pain from sciatica.

Oakley and I took care of feeding the animals while he was down for the count and noticed that our goats weren’t anywhere to be found. We got in the side by side and checked the fence and pasture and still couldn’t find them. The next morning, they still hadn’t come back like Andrew suspected they would and I thought for sure one of two situations was going to happen. The first was that something got them and we were never going to see them again. The second was that their pictures were going to be plastered all over our small town’s Facebook pages and we would like one of those irresponsible goat owners lol.

Luckily, we got a call on the third night they were missing around 8 o’clock saying that our neighbor found them in her pasture. No Facebook famous goat owners over here lol. We both sat up in bed and started cracking up laughing. Not because our goats were found but because of the way we were both sitting. We were in the exact same, awkward position because I’m 36 weeks pregnant and Andrew couldn’t even bend over due to his sciatic nerve. Then Andrew proceeded to tell me that he hates to ask me this while I’m 36 weeks pregnant but he needs me to put his socks on because he can’t bend over. I can’t even get my own socks on right now! I helped him get his socks on and like the old, elderly couple we are, we got on the side by side and went to get our goats. We couldn’t stop looking at each other and laughing. It felt like we were getting a glimpse into the future, about 50 years from now.

Our neighbor came riding up on her horse with the four goats trailing behind. Andrew hopped out of the side by side, shook a bucket of grain, and the goats followed him all the way back to the barn while Oakley and I followed behind on the side by side. Long story short, goats will find a way to escape and they are never to be trusted 😂

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