Witt Party of 4!

Witt Party of 4!

I actually wrote this post months ago when we found out we were expecting. At this point we didn’t even know we were having a boy!

I’m laying in bed as I type this and Andrew and Oakley are fast asleep. It’s pouring rain and there’s nothing I love more than the sound of rain on our tin roof. Even though I won’t share this post for a couple of weeks, I thought I should write down my feelings while they’re still fresh in my mind. I thought nothing could ever top 2017 because we brought Oakley into this world but we received the biggest blessing on New Year’s Eve! Our family is growing by ten fingers and ten toes! I couldn’t believe it. What better way to end the year and begin a new one! 

Andrew and I are beside ourselves with joy and love. Whenever I ask Oakley if she’s excited to be a big sister, she says yes and says sister! I know Oakley will be ecstatic to be a big sister. She loves her baby dolls and gets so excited to see babies. She always says baby when she sees a baby out and about or on the tv. She loves to pat her baby dolls, hold them, feed them, and take them for rides in her car. Oakley is so independent and helpful that I’m afraid this poor little baby will have two moms lol. In all seriousness though, Oakley will make the best big sister and I almost cry thinking about her in that role. 

I love when Andrew and Oakley fall asleep because I feel like I get some alone time with the new baby. I think about if it will be a boy or a girl, what we will name it, what it will be like, what it will look like, and the relationship it will have with all of us. I am over the moon to become a mom for a second time! I can’t wait for newborn snuggles, noises, smells, and sounds. I love the first little half smiles, their tiny fingers, and how they fit perfectly in your arms. 

The other day I had someone ask me if my favorite stage is the age Oakley is at now. My response was, “I don’t know. When they’re newborns you’re just kind of mesmerized but at this age, I’m surprised every day. They really are like little sponges that absorb way more than we think and she constantly surprises me with how much she knows.” The truth is, I tell myself every stage is my favorite. I loved 4 months because she started sitting up and developing a little personality. 6 months was great because she started baby food and they become a little mobile. 9 months was fun because they get so excited over everything and become even more expressive. 1 Year is a huge milestone and it’s unbelievable how smart they are. Now we’re at 16 months and I am in awe of Oakley every day. I absolutely love spending every day with her. We laugh and play and I watch the wheels in her head spin as she learns new things. I’m not sure I’ll ever have a favorite stage, every stage has something wonderful to offer and I can’t even express how excited I am to experience all of the stages again with a new little one. 

Our family dynamic will never be the same and we cannot wait to meet the newest little Witt that God created for our family. In the meantime, I’m going to soak up as much time as a family of 3 as we can because it will never just be us three again. I look forward to seeing Andrew in his new role as a dad of two, Oakley in her new role as a big sister, and myself as a mom of 2! I can’t believe how much my heart has already grown

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