Red, Witt, and Blue

Red, Witt, and Blue

I’m a little late but better late than never, right? 4th of July was our 4 year wedding anniversary! It was a great day to get married and it’s a great day to celebrate our country and our marriage with our family and friends. Who doesn’t want to end their anniversary night watching fireworks with your closest family and friends? This year was really fun because every time Oakley saw a firework, she put her hand over her mouth and said wow! Plus our friends (who have become family) made the move from California to Arkansas, so we got to celebrate the fourth with them.

It’s crazy to think that 4 years ago we said I do and moved to Arkansas less than a month later. Now we are living out our dream of starting a farm and raising little farm kids. This time next year, we’ll have another little farm hand tagging along around the farm.

Every day is an adventure with Andrew. We still laugh at stupid things and there’s nothing that makes my day more than when we both crack up over something dumb. Just like when we were dating. We’ve settled into our dynamic as a family of 3 and it’s been rewarding learning how to parent together. 8 weeks and that’s all going to change but we couldn’t be more excited to meet our little guy! Oakley can’t wait either! The other day she gave me some of her Mac and cheese and said, “for baby brother.” She loves to kiss my belly and say, “I love you brother!” I hope that they become best friends, playmates, and a shoulder to lean on.

Four years down and so many more to come! I love that you love the little things in life just like I do, Andrew. You’re so thoughtful and always want to make sure your girls (and soon to be boy) are okay. Every day gets better and better! I love doing life with you and the family we’ve created ❤️🌻💙

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