New Garden Entrance

New Garden Entrance

Last year we played it pretty safe with our garden because we didn’t want to bite off more than we can chew but this year we’ve decided to expand. Andrew built two more decent sized vegetable boxes and we decided we’re going to have an in ground garden for watermelons and pumpkins.

A week or two ago, the three of us were outside in the garden building the vegetable boxes but I brought Oakley inside so she could take a nap. When we went back outside, Andrew had built this arbor and I couldn’t believe it! He even had a piece of wood hanging down for a welcome sign but left the sign up to me. I feel like this just adds that much more to the garden, which is already my favorite area on the farm. Although the barn is a close second lol.

It took me about a week to decide what I wanted to the sign to say but I finally decided on “Love Grows Here.” I think it’s the perfect saying for the garden and just our farm in general. I decided to paint the sign myself and it felt so good to do something with my hands. Our farm continues to feel more and more like ours and I believe it’s all of the extra details that adds to that. I can’t wait to see what this area looks like in the Summer!

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