A New Home for Maggie and Georgia

A New Home for Maggie and Georgia

We’ve had a visitor on the farm since Friday, Oakley’s grandpa! We’ve had so much fun and he’s loved getting to see all of the animals and watching Oakley interact with all of them. I’m not sure who enjoys feeding Pete more, Oakley or grandpa lol. Anyway, we woke up Saturday without any water and thought our pipes froze or we had a huge water leak. Luckily, it wasn’t either of those but unfortunately, our water company had a huge main line leak which left a ton of people without water. Almost 24 hours later, we got water again but we’re in a boil alert for at least a week, meaning we have to boil our water before we drink it or use it to cook.

The good news is, this hasn’t stopped Andrew’s progress on the farm and Maggie and Georgia have a new home! A couple of months ago I shared how Andrew cut down so many trees that our yard was covered in stumps. In order to keep moving forward with our fencing, we had to get rid of quite a few stumps so we called a local stump grinding company which you can read about here.

I’m sure most of you were wondering why Andrew cut down so many trees and now I can finally share! He used them for posts for our fencing. Now we have a pasture in the back and a pasture in the front. Maggie and Georgia moved to the front pasture and Pete is in the back pasture. Andrew used cedar trees for the posts and we decided to go with field fence instead of barbed wire because this is our front yard where Oakley plays. She loves to stick her hands through the fence to pet Maggie, so we didn’t wanted worry about barbed wire. However, the other sides are all 7 strand barbed wire. Some might consider it overkill but Andrew thought it was better to do it right the first time. The fencing has been a big project/undertaking and getting the front of our property fenced was top on Andrew’s priority list this winter. He felt so relieved when he finally finished it. Maggie and Georgia seem to be enjoying all of the space and we love being able to sit on our front porch and watch the two of them.

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