The Little Stinker’s Halloween

The Little Stinker’s Halloween

This Halloween was Oakley’s first time trick or treating and although it didn’t go as planned, we had a great time! She made the cutest little skunk and I kept thinking of other reasons to dress her up in it again. It poured the whole time we were trick or treating, so we only went to two houses in my friend’s neighborhood. Oakley was so excited to walk around with her older friend Greyson and carry her trick or treat bag. I forgot her trick or treating bag in Andrew’s truck so she used a plastic bag from the grocery store… mom fail lol.

At the first house we went to, Oakley heard a dog and barged inside in search of the dog. The dog was behind a glass door and Oakley found him right away. They went nuts over each other and Oakley barked at it and banged on the door. She actually cried when we left because she was so sad to leave that dog. Forget the candy, Oakley just cares about the dogs lol. Walking to the next house, Oakley ran through all of the puddles and tried to keep up with Greyson. She picked up the neighbor’s Christmas decorations on their front porch and once again, was not very interested in the candy. That little stinker! 😉 Anyway, between her lion costume last year and her skunk costume this year, I am not sure what costume could top either of those next year. We were all soaked by the time we got back to the car but it was worth it because Oakley had such a great time! The rain didn’t seem to phase her at all. Neither did her wet, furry costume lol.

Her face in these pictures next to the older kids cracks me up!

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