Goodbye Stumps

Goodbye Stumps

Since we moved in a year and a half ago, Andrew has cut down so many trees that I’ve lost count.  There was one part of our property that looked like a tree graveyard, with stumps left and right.  There are different ways that you can remove stumps, like burning them or digging them out but that takes FOREVER and like I said, we had way too many stumps scattered around our yard. 

Andrew’s friend recommended a local stump grinding service, Henderson Stump Grinding and we decided to have them come out and give us an estimate to remove the stumps.  The next day, he came back and went to town.  It is amazing to compare the before and after.  The best part is, it didn’t leave giant holes all over our yard and the stumps were turned into wood chips.  Now that we have those stumps out of the way, Andrew can finish fencing our property which means one thing, more animals!  It’s been really nice to make improvements to our property and to grow our farm.  I’m so excited to see what this next year has in store.  If you live in the River Valley, we highly recommend Henderson Stump Grinding!

The piles of wood chips that were left in place on the stumps.
The finished product! It’s so nice to have all of the stumps gone!

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