The Junk Ranch

The Junk Ranch

If there’s something I get really excited for, it’s the Junk Ranch!  The Junk Ranch is held twice a year in Prairie Grove, Arkansas.  Vendors from all over come to the Junk Ranch and setup booths all over.  Food trucks, live bands, and cute decor fill the 35 acre ranch.  An old farmhouse that is original to the property as well as a big, red barn are filled with treasures, new, old, and repurposed.  We’ve been twice so far. The first time, we found our church pew that sits on our front porch.  I’ll have to do a post about our front porch pretty soon!  Two weekends ago, we went back to The Junk Ranch, and although we didn’t buy anything, we had a great time!  Every time we go, we love to get a fresh squeezed lemonade! We have a great time browsing, meeting people from all over, and getting new ideas!

On our first trip to the Junk Ranch, we met a lady that was from our hometown in Southern California.  We actually ended up knowing some of the same people.  This last time we went, we met a guy that had the most beautiful doors I have ever seen that came out of the French Quarter in New Orleans. I really wish that they would have fit in our house because I have great memories of going to the French Quarter with my grandparents.  After we left the Junk Ranch, I felt inspired in so many ways!  I love home decor, but I also admire entrepreneurs.  It’s so inspiring to walk around and visit with people that have found something they’re passionate about and have turned it into a business.  In fact, if I’m going to buy something, I’m way more likely to purchase from someone that I can tell is passionate and proud of the vintage items they’ve found, the items they’ve repurposed, or the items they’ve created.  I also love an item with a great story behind it. You can read about our porch swing and Oakley’s nursery to see what I mean.

This is a bus that was turned into a mobile boutique. It was so cute inside!

Usually, the Junk Ranch is held once in June and once in October, but I’m so excited to say that they’ve decided to add a Holly Jolly Junk Ranch at the end of November!  The night before the Junk Ranch always feels like Christmas Eve to me but now it will really get me in the spirit for Christmas.  If you know anything about Andrew or me, you know we LOVE Christmas! Last year, we decorated for Christmas on Halloween… maybe I shouldn’t admit that.  In our defense, Andrew’s birthday is the 23rd and mine is the 28th, so we’ve always made it a point to make Christmas time extra special.

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