Garden Update

Garden Update

Well, I just tried to make bread in the oven and I wish I could say its delicious but that’s not quite the case.  It’s hard and cracked on the outside, but completely doughy on the inside.  I guess that’s what I get for being lazy and not wanting to get out my bread machine lol.  For some reason, whenever I double a recipe it turns out fine, but if I try to cut a recipe in half, it never turns out right and I know I’m doing my math correctly.  When will I learn to just make the recipe as it was intended?  Maybe never!  Anyway, the whole point of me writing this post was to give you a garden update, not talk about my failed bread making attempt. On a side note, if I only share my successes than what would be the point of this blog?  To just share my highlight reel?  I know that’s usually what it seems like but I really do want to share my successes and my not so successful times.  Sooo, where were we?  We planted our very first garden on Mother’s Day and I thought it was about time to give you an update.

My failed bread attempt

When we planted our garden, Andrew and I said as long as we get to eat at least one thing we’ll consider it a success.  Thankfully, we got to eat quite a few of the vegetables we planted.  Our tomatoes didn’t make it. I think we planted them too late in the season maybe?  We have gotten plenty of zucchini, cucumbers (even though I always let them get too big before I pick them), jalapenos, and bell peppers!  We have at least one watermelon that should be ready to pick any day now, our carrots are still growing, and our sweet potatoes are still a little small.  My kale was doing well for a while but then we went to a sprinkler waterer instead of watering by hand and that didn’t seem to help the kale at all.  It hasn’t died but looks a little yellow, so I’m hoping I can bring those back to looking healthy!  One night, we left the water on ALL night.  That didn’t help our vegetables or our electric bill.  Overall, I would say our garden has been a success and we’ve really been enjoying it!  I bought some pumpkin seeds a while back and I was hoping to get those in the ground, but those might have to wait until next year now.


Our poor tomatoes

a little watermelon

Oakley and our watermelon that’s about ready to be picked


More watermelons


Bell Peppers

When we first planted our garden, I thought one of my favorite parts would be working in it but I have really enjoyed cooking with all of our vegetables.  I’m not the best cook as you could probably tell from my bread story but I’ve been trying and having so much fun!  I’ve made zucchini muffins, stuffed peppers, sweet potato fries, and zucchini noodles. I’ve used them other ways too just I can’t remember it all right now.  I’ll keep sharing about how we use all of our vegetables.  I’ve also given plenty away to friends and family!  Anything that we don’t use or didn’t use quick enough goes to the chickens and they love that!

Sweet Potato Fries

Kitty Paws is never far when we go out to check the garden!

The chickens eating some cucumbers!

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