Red, Witt and Blue!

Red, Witt and Blue!

Fourth of July has always been special to us.  Every year we did something fun like go to an Angel game, take a boat ride around Balboa, and eat breakfast with Andrew’s dad side of the family at a little restaurant in Balboa, a tradition they’ve had for over 30 years.  We always looked forward to the Fourth of July, time with family, fireworks, and red white and blue everything so it only made sense to get married on our second favorite holiday.  We just couldn’t get married on Christmas.  So, three years ago we said I do in our friend’s backyard and started this crazy life of ours!  There were fireworks, a fly-over, and we got married on our country’s birthday.  I mean why wouldn’t you get married on the 4th of July? I’m convinced it’s the best day for a wedding!

Not even a month after we got married, we packed up everything we owned, got our two dogs at the time, and moved to Arkansas.  We didn’t know anyone and didn’t have any family there.  At our wedding, Andrew’s Aunt and Uncle told us that moving away from everyone we know would be the best thing we could do for our marriage because we would only have each other to rely on.  They were so right! Even though we miss our family, our friendship, relationship, and marriage got a lot stronger because we only had each other.  Luckily, our family and friends are only a facetime or phone call away.  It won’t be long and some of our family members will be living out here now!  It’s funny how things work out, isn’t it?  We are so looking forward to Oakley having some grandparents out here!

Okay back to our anniversary!  Our first anniversary we celebrated with just the two of us.  Our second anniversary, we celebrated in our new house on our little farm a month away from meeting Oakley.  Our third anniversary, we celebrated with Oakley and family in San Diego.  We spent a majority of the day at the beach with family! I loved the entire day but my favorite part might have been walking along the bay, just the three of us and stopping to pet every dog and talk to anyone that wanted to say more than “Hi” or “Happy 4th.”  We talked and it seemed like the first time in a while that just the three of us got to enjoy some time together.  After, we watched the fireworks out of one of the bedroom windows with Oakley’s Memaw and aunts and uncles.  Every time she saw a firework, her eyes lit up and she turned around to make sure we saw it too!  It was the perfect ending to the most perfect day.

It’s so crazy to think about what our fourth anniversary will hold.  A lot can change in a year but I’m so excited to go through our third year of marriage together and with Oakley!

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