Oakley is 11 months old!

Oakley is 11 months old!

Oakley turned 11 months old today and now I feel like the countdown to her first birthday is officially on.  The past couple of months have been so exciting! She’s like a sponge and it’s really fun to watch her learn.  It seems like she learns something every day.  In fact, as the month goes on I try to keep a mental list of all of the new things she’s learned so I can write them all on these posts, but she learns so much it’s hard to remember it all. I should write it down as we go, but who has time for that? lol.

Oakley doesn’t really eat too much for breakfast but come lunchtime, she turns into a pretty good little eater.  She loves chicken, blueberries, black beans, and her latest obsession is cherry tomatoes! She’s also really enjoyed zucchini noodles lately!  Don’t get me wrong, she loves her carbs too and likes to have toast with peanut butter.  One thing we like to do together is to share a fig newton.  She likes raspberries, smoothies, and rice.  She also likes to drink water out of her sippy cup and take little sips of almond milk.  I think she’s starting to like food more and more now that she has 6 teeth and one more popping through!

Her first pigtails!

Oakley’s going to be walking any day!  She’s taken a step here and there but isn’t quite walking yet.  It worked out because she was able to compete in the Diaper Derby at the Peach Festival.  She didn’t win because she was more into playing with the other babies than crawling to me haha.  She seriously had the best time! She climbs on everything and loves to get on and off the couch.  She’s learned to get off the couch feet first on her belly but the scary thing is, now she thinks she can get off the bed that way too.  She has no fear!  Her latest thing is to tell animals and people to come here with her hands.  She always does it to the dogs and Andrew when he gets home from work.  The other day, Abigail and Oakley were sitting next to each other on the floor when Oakley started reaching for Abigail’s mouth. It looked like she was trying to pull something out of her mouth.  Finally, she pulled so hard she almost fell over and all of a sudden one of her little toys was in her hand.  Abigail had grabbed one of her toys, but Oakley didn’t let her keep it for very long.  If there’s one thing that always puts a smile on Oakley’s face, it’s her animals.


Oakley has said mama, dog, hug, and a few other words here and there.  She loves all of the nursery rhymes and she always claps, dances, and sings along.  One of her favorites is Old McDonald has a Farm.  She also has a finger puppet book of Old McDonald has a Farm and whenever you hand her the book she says, “Ee-I-Ee-I-O!”  She likes to say round and round for the Wheels on the Bus too.  My mom saved my Bitty Baby from when I was little and Oakley loves to give her kisses, hugs, and pats.  The other day she colored for the first time and had so much fun!  Once she started trying to eat the crayons, I decided her first masterpiece was finished.  One of her favorite games is peek a boo and she cracks up every time. If she wants to keep playing after I stop, she’ll put my hand over my eyes.  She thinks its hilarious if you really catch her off guard and scare her.  She will duck down behind the ottoman and pop up or duck down in her crib and pop up to play too.

When I say Oakley has a sweet personality, I really mean that.  She loves to hug, cuddle, and give kisses. She’s super smiley and waves hi and bye to everyone.  The other day at her new babysitter’s house, one of the little boys was crying so she went up to him and patted his back.  I’ve never felt more proud in my life.  I want to raise Oakley to be sweet and caring.  I want her to be honest and kind.  I want her to be confident and friendly.  Most importantly, I want her to be just who God intended her to be, because she was fearfully and wonderfully made.  I actually like to think that some very special people up in heaven helped God decide a couple of her traits and characteristics.  I guess that’s my way of thinking they are apart of her and her life besides telling Oakley about them.

Oakley, we can’t tell you how many hearts you’ve already stolen, but we can tell you we’re blessed two of them are ours.  We love your cuddles, your toothy smile, and darling personality.  You are a sweetheart and the lyrics to Angel by Jack Johnson always pop in my head when we cuddle.

I’ve got an angel
She doesn’t wear any wings

She wears a heart that can melt my own
She wears a smile that can make me want to sing

She gives me presents
With her presence alone


We will love you and your sweet soul forever and ever!  You truly are one of a kind. You’re our Oakley Lane and the sunshine in our every day.

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