A Summer Day on the Farm

A Summer Day on the Farm

Ever since I was a little girl, Summer has always been my favorite time of the year. I love when it gets darker later, spending my days in water whether that’s a pool, lake, or ocean, and the sun!  I was super excited to have the summer off with Oakley and just do a bunch of fun things together during her first summer.  We’ve gone to storytime at the library, spent time with friends, walked around the farm to see the animals, worked in the garden, swung on the porch swing, and hung out in Oakley’s little pool.  The one thing that I am really loving about Summer on the farm is just being around all of the animals and the joy that brings to Oakley.  She loves all of her animals and gets a kick out of being around them. Did I mention Andrew has Fridays off?  Even more reason to love Summer, we get three days together instead of two! We’re really enjoying our summer together, so I thought I would share some of what we’ve been up to!

Lazy day on the farm for the kitties

Maggie May playing peek a boo

Oakley and Abigail’s love affair

A little summer snooze

Puppy kisses

Won’t be long and those little feet will have muck boots on them too

It’s normal to have chickens come up to your swimming pool if you live on a farm

Eating a popsicle




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