Oakley is 10 months old!

Oakley is 10 months old!

2 months away from being 1! I guess I need to start thinking about her first birthday party.  Actually, if I’m being honest, I’ve been thinking about her first birthday party for a while lol.  I’m pretty excited to celebrate such a big milestone (that I can’t believe is already here) with family and friends.  This is such a fun age because it seems like she learns something new every day and what I love about Oakley is that she’s always up for the challenge.  She challenges herself and rarely gets frustrated.  I think that’s a trait that will get her far in life and I look forward to seeing her persistence and determination as she gets older.

Oakley is so friendly but also likes to act shy.  She loves other babies and kids, which seems to fit with her happy, friendly personality.  Right now she’s obsessed with pop up books and gets a kick out of opening them up.  She loves everything farm animals from little rubber toys to books to stuffed animals.  She has four top teeth coming in, which puts her at 6 teeth!  She was such a trooper too.  They didn’t seem to hurt her as bad as her bottom two.  RIght before she turned 10 months old, she started crawling on all fours.  She continues to crawl that way more often but still reverts back to her army crawling haha.  She seems like she’s so close to walking and I think it will happen before she turns 1.  I actually think it will happen pretty soon! In California, she climbed up the stairs at my parent’s house like she had done it a million times before.  She pulls herself up on things like her crib, a cabinet, the ottoman, etc.  She claps, high fives, waves, and snaps.  She doesn’t actually make noise when she snaps but she does the motion with her tiny fingers and it’s so cute! She still hugs and kisses and she says mama but usually, she just sticks to mom.  She acts like she can’t wait to talk.  Recently, she started pointing with her index finger.

She loves cherries, blueberries, peanut butter toast, and always wants to try what we have.  Whenever she tries something new, she makes a grossed out face but you can tell if she likes it because she’ll smile afterward.  Usually, in the morning we share a piece of toast, eggs, or a muffin.  She loves to drink from a water bottle and is so proud of herself when she does. She also likes to hold the squeeze pouches and do it herself.  She’s very independent and capable. I’m just waiting for the day that she says, “I do.”  My mom said those were my favorite words.  Knowing Andrew, I would bet he was probably the same way too.  She loves to hold the remote for the tv and doesn’t care for the remotes that don’t work. She’s too smart for those lol.  She likes the show Little Baby Bums and sings and claps along to the nursery rhymes.  Outside is still her favorite place to be and she likes to swing on the porch swing and get pushed around in her stroller.  She babbles at all of the animals and of course, kicks her legs like crazy.

Oakley, I will always love your excitement for life and your crinkled nose, ear to ear smile.  Your big hugs from your tiny arms and your open mouthed kisses are memories I will always hold close to my heart.  We will love you forever and ever! xoxox

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