The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding

When I was little, my mom was a huge Princess Diana fan. I actually remember being at the local coffee shop right down the road from our house and finding out that she passed away.  I remember feeling so sorry for her sons because they weren’t much older than me at the time.  I always saw pictures of her in magazines and my mom watched interviews of her on television.  My mom and I also watched Prince William and Kate get married. It was like 3 am our time haha.  When I was older, I always thought Prince Harry was cute.  He always had that bad boy thing going for him.  Blonde and Blue eyes (Hellooo Andrew) was always my type but I liked Prince Harry’s red hair.  It’s okay, Andrew’s crush was Miranda Lambert!  She’s got tattoos and has that bad ass thing going for her too, don’t you think?  When I met Andrew, he told me that his dad was always a fan of Princess Diana and had a shirt with her face on it haha!

Oaklye loves the Royal Family too!


During my freshman year of college,  I met my friend Fern.  She was studying abroad from Wales.  To be honest, I didn’t even know where Wales was, I just knew she had a British accent.  It wasn’t long that I learned the difference between British, English, and Welsh!   While she was studying abroad, I liked to call myself her tour guide.  She was always up for an adventure. We went to the Grove and the Farmer’s Market in LA, we rode horses, and learned to line dance.  We had so much fun and I was so sad when she went back to the UK.  The summer after my first year of college, my aunt invited me to go to Ireland with her.  Ireland is my favorite place I’ve ever been to.  It was extremely green and there were sheep that stopped our car.  After Ireland, I flew to London and Fern met me at the airport.  We spent a couple of days in London and she was the BEST tour guide!  She knew so much History, especially history about the Royal Family.  She took me to the V&A, which was my favorite museum and she explained to me how Victoria only wore black after Prince Albert died.  We had a picnic at Kensington Palace, the palace where Princess Diana raised her sons, and we walked barefoot in the Princess Diana memorial.  The Princess Diana memorial is a big circle with water that flows through it. It has rocky parts and smooth parts, just like her life.  Fern was like a Royal Family dictionary, full of knowledge.

After spending a couple of days in London, we went to Wales where she lived.  I spent time with her sister and her parents and I had the best time.  One of the best times was going to this club and we were in a room where they played music from the 70’s and 80’s.  All of a sudden everyone in the room fell to the ground and sat in these lines, kind of like a train. They were all doing this synchronized dance where you slap the ground and lean forward and backward. I felt like I was in a movie!  I could not stop laughing and tried to pick up on the dance as quickly as I could.  The next morning I was trying to explain this dance to Fern’s mom when her mom started laughing and told me that was popular when she was a teenager!  While I was there, Fern had to work a lot but it worked out because I really got to know her family and friends. One of her friends came to pick me up so we could go meet Fern for lunch.  When I walked out to the car he said, “Are you driving?”  I tried to get into the driver’s side because they drive on the wrong side of the road over there lol.  One of the best days I had was with her Nan and Grandad.  We spent the day in Bath with her sister Rachel and her Grandad bought me the cutest teddy bear.  Then, I spent the day at their house and her Nan told me everything she knew about the Royal Family. She had a ton of old magazines and actually sent me home with a couple!

The morning of the Royal Wedding, Fern posted a status on Facebook saying they were having a garden party and were watching the Royal Wedding with her family.  The next morning, Oakley and I woke up and had a tea party, since we couldn’t watch it at Fern’s garden party with her family.  I got out the magazines that Fern’s Nan gave me and these little tea pot ceramic boxes that were Andrew’s Sister Carly’s.   I sent the pictures of our tea party to Fern and she was so excited to show her Nan.  She printed the picture out to show her Nan and then she sent a picture to me of her and her Nan holding the picture of Oakley at their garden party!  I’ve always been interested in the Royal Family, but I became even more interested in them after spending time with Fern and her family, so celebrating the Royal Wedding with Oakley was special to me!


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