Oakley had a Little Lamb

Oakley had a Little Lamb

Every year around Easter time, my mom took us to get our picture taken with the Easter Bunny.  It definitely wasn’t as exciting as getting my picture taken with Santa, but I still enjoyed it.  This year, I wanted to take Oakley to get her picture with the Easter Bunny, but I wasn’t sure where to take her.  We live about 45-60 minutes from the closest mall and I didn’t see any of the local stores advertising it.  So, I posted on my Facebook and I asked if anyone knew where I could get Oakley’s picture taken with the Easter Bunny around here.  I didn’t get any responses until a friend said that she had a baby lamb and I could take Oakley’s picture with a day old lamb! If you know me then you know my two favorite things are babies and baby animals!  I, of course, responded that I would love to take her picture with a baby lamb and we went over a couple of days later.  I mean a baby lamb is cuter than a creepy old Easter Bunny anyways, right?  It’s not every day that you get to take pictures of your daughter with a baby lamb, let alone a day old lamb and they turned out soooo cute I thought they deserved their own post.

When we first got to her farm, Oakley had fallen asleep in the car so I had to wake up her up.  I got her out of the car seat and we walked over to the lamb’s pen.  The minute my friend picked up the baby, the mom started baaaing? Not sure how you spell that, but you know what I mean.  Oakley started crying because it was loud and she had just woken up.  I turned around and there was a llama!  The best part is, his name was Larry lol.  She also has a bunch of super sweet dogs that follow her around.  I think Oakley will probably ask to go over there all the time when she’s older.



Oakley’s white dress is from todds-littles.com.  It’s so precious. The top is ribbed with a pretty flower detail and the bottom is tulle!  Her blue and white striped romper is from sweetduckling.com.  Go check out her website, you might see a familiar face on it 😉 The back has a big bow and it’s one of my all-time favorite outfits of hers!  Her flowered bow is from www.livlovcreate.etsy.com.  She wears this bow all the time and I love that it doesn’t leave a mark on her head.  All three of the ladies that own these shops are really sweet ladies and moms.  I find it so inspiring that they’ve all started their own successful business.

My friend had the perfect spot to take pictures.  It was right by all of her horses and the flowers looked fake!  Everyone always asks me if Oakley ever gets upset because she’s usually smiling in all of the pictures I post.  She gets upset, I just don’t really like to take pictures of her if she’s upset, but this one is pretty cute because it looks like the lamb is trying to comfort her.  This was one of the first pictures we took and it was right after I woke her up from her nap.

This one looks like the lamb is laughing or smiling!

Oh and did I mention she got her horse Cinderella and let us take pictures of Oakley sitting on her? I’m pretty sure this picture has finally convinced Andrew to let me get Oakley a pony for her first birthday.

These pictures have got to be some of my favorite pictures of Oakley and I cannot wait to get them framed and hang them in my house!  I also think our farm could use a few more animals, especially baby animals.  Do you agree?

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