6 Months Old!

6 Months Old!

Oakley, I cannot even believe I am typing these words, you are 6 months old! Actually, you are 7 months old because I’m writing this a month late.. oops!  I was so excited when you turned 6 months old. You tried baby food, I took your picture in a party hat and made Funfetti cake, but for some reason, I kept putting off writing this post.  Your dad and I didn’t eat the cake and ended up feeding it to the chickens.  Who would have thought chickens would love Funfetti cake? Anyway, I think I had so many thoughts and I wasn’t sure I would be able to get them all down in a way that expressed my feelings the way they should be.  I think I also put off writing this post because I am in shock that you are 6 months old and I want to cherish every second with you! It seems like it’s gone so fast but at the same time, I feel like I don’t really even remember what it was like before you were here.  Enough of my excuses and trying to say that I am a little emotional about you turning 6 months old in a roundabout way.

On your 6 month birthday, you tried green beans and you weren’t the biggest fan but you gave it your best and had a couple of bites.  Your dad didn’t believe that was your first time eating baby food because you acted like a pro.  You opened your mouth wide and grabbed the spoon to bring it to your mouth.  He even made me ask your babysitter Jen if she had fed you before even though I knew the answer was no before I asked lol.  You are full of surprises and keep us on our toes.

We sleep together every night and I think it helps my mama heart since these past 6 months seem to have gone so fast.  You are so cuddly and if I scoot over, you scoot closer so you can stay cuddled into my side.  We sleep face to face every night.  You are so smiley, even when you wake up in the morning.  I think you will be a morning person because you’re always happy in the morning and fussy if you don’t go to bed by 8:00 p.m.

You are an animal lover and get so excited when you see Maggie, the dogs, the cats, or the chickens.  Abigail pays the most attention to you and lets you grab big handfuls of her fur… the cats, on the other hand, don’t like when you grab big handfuls of their fur lol.  The other day, your little elephant toy fell on the ground and Colt picked it up and brought it over to me as I was holding you.  Then, he dropped it at my feet like he was trying to give it to you.  Charlie will give you a couple of kisses and then go back to parading around the house with her blanket in her mouth.  Tink lets you pet him but he tries to bite after a while, so we try not to get too close.  Laura never gets close enough for you to pet her, but Garth and Kitty Paws let you pet them.  In fact, Garth will meow and you make noises back at him.  I always imagine you chasing the cats around and trying to pick them up when you’re a little older.  You always smile as big as you can and kick your legs when you see any of the animals. The only time you really sit still is if you’re outside and watching the chickens.

Since you’ve gotten your bottom two teeth, you’ve started to love your pacifier and I think it’s really cute!  You’re so cuddly and you love to give kisses.  If I pat your back, you pat mine back.  You love playing with toys and going outside.  You’re sitting in your stroller like a big girl now.  You are such a joy to be around and you bring a smile to everyone’s face that you meet.  People constantly stop us in the store and mention how blue your eyes are, or notice how alert you are, or say how you should be the next Gerber Baby, or just stop and smile at you.  You are so pure with the sweetest heart and your smile is infectious.  You really do have an adorable personality that can bring a smile to anyone’s face.  We love you more than you will ever know, and these past 6 months have been unforgettable.  We’ve made it half way around the sun!

Here’s one last picture of her green bean face!


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