Oakley’s First Valentine’s Day

Oakley’s First Valentine’s Day

I’m a little late writing this post but these pictures of Oakley are too cute not to share, so better late than never right?  When we lived in California, Andrew and I would always go to the beach for Valentine’s Day and have a bonfire. We would roast hot dogs and make s’mores. It was awesome because there usually wasn’t anyone there and we would beat all of the crowds.  Once we moved to Arkansas, we made something special for dinner and just hung out at home.  This year was a little different because it was Oakley’s first Valentine’s Day and to make it memorable, she got her second tooth!  Every holiday seems that much more magical now that she’s here!

This year, we went out to dinner the night before Valentine’s Day to one of our favorite restaurants.  We brought Oakley and luckily the piano player was there that night because she loves music and will sit there without any problem if he’s playing.  In fact, every time he quit playing, Oakley grunted lol.  Our dinner was great and we definitely beat the crowd by going out to eat the night before.

On actual Valentine’s Day, Andrew called me when he got off work and in the middle of our conversation, he said that his boss was waving at him to come back into the yard.  When he called me back thirty minutes later, he told me that his boss needed his help with something and he would be home in a little bit.  When he got home, Oakley and I were playing in her room and when I turned around he was standing there with two bouquets of sunflowers.   It was the cutest thing because Oakley’s bouquet just had one sunflower and mine had a couple more.

If you know Andrew at all, you know he cannot keep surprises to save his life.  Seriously, if you have a big surprise, DO NOT TELL ANDREW.  Even if you have a surprise for him, DON’T TELL HIM.  He will keep asking and guessing until he figures it out or until you finally tell him.  He hates surprises, so this was huge that he pulled this off.  I never once thought anything of it and I was so surprised he didn’t tell me that was on his way home with sunflowers lol.

We had a great Valentine’s Day and right after we had a four day weekend!  I’ll post about what we did over our four day weekend soon!  Usually, I try to take a picture of Oakley with the dogs for every holiday but they only listen and sit still for a picture when Andrew’s here and he was “helping his boss” while I was taking these, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t already have their Easter picture planned out!


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