5 Months Old!

5 Months Old!

5 months ago today I was enjoying my epidural and proclaiming my love to the anesthesiologist.  Not even kidding.  My contractions hurt so bad (which I vaguely remember now) that I didn’t even feel the epidural go in.  Anyway, I can’t believe Oakley is five months old!  I feel like time is going so fast that I already miss her being a baby even though she still is one.  Does that even make sense?

Sometimes, I wish I could freeze time and just stare at her a little longer so I don’t forget certain things like an expression on her face or a cute sound she makes.  Oakley, you are the best gift we could have ever received.  I couldn’t have hand-picked a more perfect baby.   You are so smiley and your tiny smile can light up an entire room.  You can turn a bad day into a good day just by being you!  You love to stick out your tongue and you have gotten pretty good at giggling.  People always think you’re younger than you are because you’re so tiny.  You’re in the 15th percentile for height and weight and you’re just now starting to outgrow your 0-3 month clothes.  You are tiny but mighty, that’s for sure! You got an ear infection and RSV this past month and on top of all of that, you were teething.  But you know what? Even though you were pretty sick, you were such a trooper! Still smiley and happy, just a little more cuddly than usual.  You had to take antibiotics and use an inhaler.  You didn’t seem to mind either and would actually smile the whole time you had the mask over your face for the inhaler.  You actually would hold your breath as long as you could.   Sometimes, I think you’re smarter than we give babies credit for and I think you thought it was funny to hold your breath haha.  You also got some shots this past month and you were such a champ!  You didn’t cry until 5 seconds afterward and you stopped crying the second I picked you up.

Your aunts and uncle came out to visit you!  We all had so much fun and I was pretty sure you were going to get so bored after they left because they played with you all day long!  You fall more in love with your daddy every day and you think he’s pretty funny.  Sometimes you like to act shy and if someone smiles at you, you’ll smile back and then bury your head in my shoulder.  You act like you’re anxious to start running and playing and crawling even though I know we still have a few months.  You love to go outside but it’s been so cold we haven’t, so we usually look out the window.  It also snowed for the first time since you’ve been born!

You love to rock in your chair and it’s one of my favorite things, too!  You are on a pretty strict schedule and if you don’t go to bed at 8 or shortly after, you get a little fussy.  You love to be moving, so I like to push you around the house in your stroller.  When I take you to the indoor track to walk, you always fall asleep by the fifth lap, never fails!  The indoor track is filled with older people and they love to smile and say how cute you are as they walk by!  You like to play peek a boo, sing the ABC’s, and read books.  Your favorite book right now is, “Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?”  You love this little piano that plays music and your grandpa tells you over the phone what a great pianist you are lol.  You like to Facetime your grandparents and I’m not sure either of us will ever understand just how much that means to them!

We cuddle all night long and even though everyone says not to co-sleep, I absolutely love snuggling you all night.  You are so cuddly and love to put one of your legs over me.  If I try to scoot over, you instantly scoot closer so you’re right up next to me again.  The mirror is so entertaining to you!  You make more baby sounds and noises every day and you love to blow bubbles!  You and the dogs are interacting more and more. I know you and Abigail will be partners in crime when you’re older.  Instead of petting them, you usually grab a handful of their fur or accidentally touch their eyes, but they don’t mind.  I knew it was inevitable but I kept holding out hope Charlie wouldn’t steal your blankets.  The other day, I caught her sniffing one and she almost grabbed it.  Luckily, I caught her just in time.  You recently started grabbing my face with both hands and I swear you’re learning how to give kisses because we kiss you so much!  Usually, your mouth is open and you put it on my cheek haha.

You know what you like and you make your Jen Jen try two different bottles before you decide which one you want to drink out of that day.  You love Jen Jen and smile so big every morning when you see her, which makes it a lot easier for me to go to work.    All of your friends at daycare get so excited to see you every day too! If you’re not wearing a headband that day, they’ll ask where it’s at.  One of them loves to take your blanket off every morning so you can get out of your car seat.  The others like to take turns pushing you in the stroller or holding you.  They also like to help get your bag ready to go in the afternoon!   You are so loved by so many people!   Oakley, you are one of a kind and a such a bright light in this world!  I can’t wait to see all of the lives you impact!  I know you will do great things one day and I love watching your personality develop more and more every day!  We love you more than words can ever express.  You’ll always be our little girl and we’ll love you forever and ever and ever!

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