You Will NOT Believe What Happened!

You Will NOT Believe What Happened!

Friday night started out just as every Friday night does. I had just gotten off work and picked up Oakley.  The three of us hung out for a while and talked about our days.  Andrew decided he was going to go outside and work on our garden area before it got dark.  He said he was just going to mess with the fence around it.  So, I went about my day and played with Oakley.  My cousin called on her way home from work when all of a sudden Andrew came running into the house and was scrambling to change out of his muck boots and into his works boots…  I said, “What are you doing?”  Andrew’s response was, “Well, it’s not a big deal, but I had to call the fire department” and ran out the door.

Uhhhh you called the fire department?! I ran to the back window to see what looked like little fires all throughout our back field as I told my cousin, “Andrew lit our back pasture on fire!”  She didn’t know what to say and I think was trying not to laugh. I told her I’d call her back.  I called Andrew and asked if I need to take Oakley and leave but he said we were fine.  While we were waiting for the fire department to show up, I kept watching Andrew out the window trying to put the fires out and driving back and forth on his side by side. Let me remind you, we live outside of town so the fire department that shows up are all volunteer firefighters that are on call.  I called my cousin back and sure enough, here come the red and blue lights with sirens wailing.  The first guy to show up was in a Durango and came flying down our driveway and into the back field.  He and Andrew just stood there and watched it until the rest of the guys showed up in their trucks and two fire trucks. The fire trucks looked like regular trucks with toolboxes on the back and on the sides.  They all came speeding down our driveway and into the back field.  Two guys got on the back of the trucks with water hoses spraying the fires as the trucks drove through the field.

Meanwhile, I’m watching through the window holding Oakley in one arm and giving my cousin a play by play over the phone. I just kept thinking to myself, “Is this real life?”  The whole situation seemed a lot longer than it actually was, but they got the fire put out in 5 minutes then stood around and talked to Andrew for about ten to fifteen minutes.  Andrew came inside once they all left and I guess they asked him where the hot dogs were when they got there lol.  They told him he should have waited until it got to the woods because then it would have burnt more of our field haha.  They also tried to recruit him to join the fire department.  He said they were all nice and they weren’t mad at all they had to come to our house for a bonfire that got out of control.  Overall, I was super impressed by the rural fire department and how quickly they showed up.

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