What are Seasons? I Grew up in Southern California

What are Seasons? I Grew up in Southern California

This is what Fall looks like in Arkansas!

I never really understood seasons because I grew up in Southern California where it seems like the weather is 70 degrees year-round.  There were plenty of Christmases where I wore shorts and a tank top or a summer dress. The first day that the weather drops to seventy degrees, Californians go nuts and declare it “sweater weather.”   My social media feeds become plastered with pictures of Pumpkin Spice lattes, even if it will warm up to 85 degrees by the middle of the day.  The one good thing about the weather being stable year-round is you can buy clearance items and not have to wait a year to wear them. Target anyone? I loved buying cute tank tops on sale and wearing them with a sweater or a jean jacket. I will forever miss living close to a Target and occasionally the nice, 70 degree weather.

Here’s Winter in Arkansas

Arkansas has all four seasons which has been a little bit of a learning curve for me.  I’ve had to learn how to keep my feet warm in the snow or learn not to pour water on my windshield when it’s freezing because it will just add to the ice, not get rid of it. Can I still blame this on pregnancy brain?  Everyone back home always asks how I like the weather.  “Can you deal with the freezing cold?”  “How about the humidity?” The truth is yes, I am loving getting to experience all of the seasons and here’s why.  Living somewhere that gets four different seasons gives you something to look forward to.  By the end of every season, you’re ready for the next.  For instance, “I’m over the cold, I can’t wait for Spring.” Or, “I’m over the heat, bring on Fall!”  What’s great about this is, there’s always something that helps hold you over until the next change.  Snow is one of them!  Once Christmas is over, I get bored with Winter.  It’s usually too cold to do anything outside and all of the trees are bare, but then it snows and all of a sudden, I find myself wishing Winter would stay around a little longer.

Summer in Arkansas!

Summer’s always been my favorite time of year. I love the sun and swimming and all that comes along with Summer. Time off from work or school, being barefoot, swimming, and the list goes on.  It’s still my favorite even living in Arkansas because everything is so green, but I am learning to enjoy all of the seasons because each one of them has something great to offer.  Right now, I can’t wait for Spring so we can plant our garden, get baby chicks, and who knows what else.  Spring seems like a new start, just like the first of the year.  Maybe Spring is the farmer’s New Year?  We’re looking forward to our first Spring on our farm!

Spring in Arkansas!

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