A Snowy Day on the Farm

A Snowy Day on the Farm

We woke up on Sunday morning to a nice surprise!  It snowed for the first time since we bought our house!  Unfortunately, Oakley’s been sick so we didn’t bring her outside, but it was so fun to see everything covered in snow.  Snow always seems to come just at the right time.  When you’re over Winter and ready for Spring, it snows and maybe you can stand Winter a little longer.  It was fun to see how all the animals acted in the snow. The dogs went crazy! They really didn’t know what to think.  Even Charlie was excited, which was surprising because she does not like her paws to get wet.  Abigail and Colt obviously went nuts and Abigail did her excited hop all around the backyard.  The chickens didn’t seem to mind and were out doing their thing as usual.  The cats even came out of their house and walked around.  Our friends on Facebook posted pictures of their kids playing in the snow, and it made me so excited for Oakley to play in the snow one day!

Here’s our orange and white cat, Garth! He was born on Easter last year.  It cracks me up that the cats are friends with the chickens.

Can you spot our big, fluffy cat that thinks he’s a dog?

This is one of my favorite pictures. They look like they’re taking a walk together in the snow.

Here’s our shop that we plan to paint pretty soon! (stay tuned)

This is our barn!

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