Colt, the Gentle Giant

Colt, the Gentle Giant

I have always loved boy dogs because that’s what I grew up with. I always wanted a huge lab and Colt was the second biggest in his litter.  He was the biggest chocolate chunk and he was so cuddly.  He slept in my arms and was the best snuggler.  I was so sad leaving there knowing that in a couple of weeks we would be going back to see Abigail but another family would be playing with Colt.  Luckily, we agreed to get both of them because they are the cutest chocolate lab twins that cuddle all the time.  They really are the best of friends.

Colt 6Colt 5

Now, Colt is long and lengthy.  For some reason during winter time he loses weight, the opposite of most animals and people haha.  He keeps himself busy. I’ve always wanted to put a fit bit around one of his paws and see how much he runs a day.  He constantly paces our backyard as if he’s always on patrol.  He is the most handsome boy and has the sweetest eyes.  He still loves Andrew and one of his favorite things is to chase the side by side around the yard. He could do that all day long and not get bored.

Colt 3Colt 4

One of the best Colt stories is when we took them hiking and went to a friend’s pond that was filled with real ducks and duck decoys.  Colt would swim and swim chasing after the ducks but every time he got close, the ducks would fly over to the other side of the pond.  This went on for FOREVER.  Finally, Colt had enough and decided to go after one of the decoys. He grabbed the decoy and Andrew kept yelling at him to let go. He let go and went after the real ducks again.  Andrew had to go into the water to get him to stop swimming around because we literally thought he was going to swim himself to death.

Colt 2

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