Abigail Buck Wild Witt

Abigail Buck Wild Witt

This is Abigail, the fan favorite! Seriously though, everyone that comes to visit loooooves Abigail.  She’s so cuddly and will cuddle with anyone that will give her attention.  You have to be careful though… before you know it, you’ll have a 105 pound chocolate lab sitting on your lap.  She is definitely the biggest fan of Oakley and has been from the beginning. She used to lay with her head right by my belly. Now, she loves to be next to her and come up and sniff her and lick her occasionally lol.


Andrew picked her out and instantly fell in love, but it wasn’t long until Colt became attached to Andrew and Abigail became attached to me.  When she was a puppy, she would put her head on my pillow and cry when I went to work.  She used to be pretty rambunctious but has calmed down a lot and is now 105 pounds of pure love lol.  Despite her size, she can keep up with Colt and I’ve actually seen her jump off the side of a hill, roll two times, get up, and start running again.  When she was younger she was known for her “crazy eyes.”  She’s calmed down a lot over the past year.  Now when she gets excited, her front paws come a couple inches off the ground and looks like she’s hopping.  Although she is a great dog, she is not the best farm dog.  She thinks our chickens are chew toys and they haven’t all figured out not to go in the backyard yet. Abigail loves the water! You have to drag her out of the bath tub because she thinks it’s so fun!  She gets really excited for a bath and does her little excited hop.


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