Charlie Girl

Charlie Girl

Little Charlie girl, where do I even begin?  We got Charlie a year after we got Abigail and Colt.  We had the hardest time deciding whether or not we wanted a black lab or a yellow lab, so we looked around until we knew we had found the perfect one.  When I found Charlie’s picture she was laying there with her front two paws crossed, still one of her signature poses.  Charlie is such a cute dog with a fun personality. She’s such a light yellow that she’s almost white and has a black nose. She’s our little polar bear.

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Charlie 2

Charlie was born in Arkansas unlike Abigail and Colt who were born in California. When we went to pick her up, she was pretty little and she cried most of the way home. We wrapped her in a blanket and I held her and squeezed her tight the whole way home.  Come to find out, I started something that day because Charlie is obsessed with her blanket!  She always has to have her blanket and carries it around in her mouth all day long.  If her blanket is in her crate and she can’t get to it or it’s in the wash, she better have an extra otherwise she will freak out.  One of her favorite things is to parade around the house with her blanket in her mouth and show it off to everyone that comes over.  To this day, she still loves to be squeezed.  She actually prefers that over being petted.  She also loved to sleep right by my head when she was a puppy.  She is definitely a daddy’s girl even though he doesn’t find her blanket as cute.  He thinks it’s dirty and can’t stand when she wants to put it in his face lol!  Charlie can be sneaky when it comes to her blankets.  We taught her from the beginning that her blankets are not allowed outside, but if someone is visiting like a grandparent, she will get them to let her outside and bring her blanket with her!

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It took Charlie a while to figure out where she would fit in with Abigail and Colt. They weren’t too sure about her for a while either because it was just the two of them for a year.  Charlie always wanted to get right in the action and play with them but they play so rough, she’s never been able to figure out how to get involved. I think she’s also been a little scared haha.  Now, they will play with her but not as rough as they play with each other.   Charlie hates the water and despises bath time.  She doesn’t care to even step in the water, which is so weird for a lab and the opposite of Abigail and Colt.  Abigail and Colt are fixed but we didn’t fix Charlie. We hope to have puppies one day, just waiting for the right time and wanted to wait until she was at least 2 years old.  Hopefully, there will be more to come about this!

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