Trial and Error

Trial and Error

If there’s one thing I have learned about newborns is that everything is trial and error! From formula, to diapers, to bottles, and diaper rash cream.  Every baby is different and newborns don’t come with instruction manuals so a lot of it is trying different things and seeing what works and what they like best.  The same goes for what will make their tummies upset when you’re breastfeeding.

Oakley took a bottle the first couple of days because we supplemented with formula until my milk came in but once my milk came in, we stopped.  While she was drinking from a bottle the first couple of days, we gave her the infant Avent bottles but they seemed to drown her, which is when we switched to the NUK infant bottles.  She took a bottle on and off for a couple of weeks after that but not consistently.  So, when it came time to go to daycare, she wasn’t really used to bottles.  Her babysitter had a hard time getting her to drink a lot up until the third day.  Finally, she got the hang of it. I bought more of the NUK infant bottles and they seemed to work until one day she changed her mind.  For whatever reason, she decided she didn’t like those bottles anymore.  Her babysitter had some bottles from the dollar store and decided to try one.  Her babysitter said she took the dollar store bottle no problem and drank the entire bottle.  My advice would be to have multiple types of bottles ranging in price because you never know which one your baby will prefer.  Just because a bottle is more expensive doesn’t mean that is the one your baby will.

Andrew and I decided to use Pampers because we heard they were great diapers and they’re great for sensitive skin.  We went through an entire box of Pampers and a small package.  We had a case of Huggies and decided to try those once she ran out of her Pampers.  After a couple of days, we realized the Huggies were giving her a rash.  I’m not saying Pampers are the best type of diapers, I’m just saying to have a couple different brands ready because your baby might be allergic to certain brands. Every baby is different!

When we left the hospital, the nurses sent us home with a big Similac package.  We tried that type of formula first but it gave her a tummy ache. So, my mom went to the store and bought Enfamil.  She was able to drink Enfamil no problem, but we did put it in her Baby Bullet for a couple of seconds before giving it to her.

Like most babies, Oakley got a diaper rash when she was two weeks old.  At her two week check up, the doctor prescribed her some diaper rash cream.  Before going to the doctors, I tried Boudreaux’s and Burt’s Bee’s diaper rash ointment. Neither of these seemed to work.  Finally, I decided to try some Desitin. This helped a ton and calmed it down until I was able to get the prescription medicine from the doctor!

There have been a couple of foods that I’ve noticed that have irritated her.  I noticed that when I ate strawberries, she got instant diaper rash.  I also noticed that if I ate dairy, she would get baby acne.  One week, I ate a bunch of brown rice and this seemed to give her gas and an upset stomach.

As you can see everything is trial and error.  What works for Oakley probably won’t work for your baby, but at least you know you’re not alone in having to try everything and feeling bad when you realize he or she’s allergic to a certain Diaper brand or something gives her a tummy ache.  Hang in there! You’ll figure it out!

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