Natural vs. Medicated Birth

Natural vs. Medicated Birth

Originally, I thought I wanted a natural birth.  I told myself that I didn’t want an epidural to extend my labor or cause a c-section and that I didn’t want a huge needle going into my back.  I took a labor and delivery class and a breastfeeding class, but living in a small, rural town we didn’t have a lot of options.  Each course was one night and we just watched a DVD. My friends from California were taking different breathing classes and more classes than I even knew existed. Those weren’t options to me where we live. I guess I probably could have taken one online but I waited until I was pretty far along to start researching.  Plus, class or no class, I was going to have that baby either way.  I will say that after I took the labor and delivery class, I felt a lot less anxious because I felt like I knew what to expect.

When the real contractions set in, I handled them pretty well up until about 7 centimeters.  Then, I got frustrated because I felt like what I read online about natural births and contractions wasn’t true.  I read that walking, bouncing on a ball, or taking a hot shower would help.  Ummm, how can you walk or do any of those things when you’re that far along?!  I also read that changing positions would help with contractions.  I couldn’t even move during a contraction by the time I got to 7 centimeters.  All I could do was lay there and take deep breaths.  Before having the baby, I thought I would be disappointed in myself if I got an epidural, but after I got the epidural, I was able to enjoy labor and the birth.  I also didn’t even feel the needle going into my back.

Looking back, I know I would have been okay if I didn’t get an epidural, I mean I wouldn’t have had a choice, but I am glad I did because I was able to enjoy it.  Giving birth is a huge accomplishment with or without an epidural.  Will I have an unmedicated birth in the future?  Maybe, maybe not.  Now I know what contractions feel like, but I will definitely be more prepared and take some more classes if I take that route.  On the other hand, I had such a great experience that I’m not sure I wouldn’t want to keep things the same.  Who knows, guess we will find out!

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