Baby Halloween Party

Baby Halloween Party

Oakley got her first piece of mail the other week! It was an invitation to a baby Halloween party! It was a BYOB party, a bring your own bottle party! One of the babies had the same birthday as Oakley and two of them were about 8 months old.  They were dressed as a cow, a skeleton, and a bunny rabbit. Oakley dressed up like a lion!

When we got there, they had a little area set up to take pictures and we all just sat around talking about babies.  It was fun to talk to someone with a baby the same age.  We realized that Oakley and her baby were doing a lot of the same things and hitting the same milestones.

We took pictures of the babies in front of the back drop and then we decided to leave.  Oakley left there with a cute party favor.  It was a bag that said trick or treat, smell my feet and it had a cute pair of Halloween socks inside!  It’s fun to think Oakley will most likely grow up with these girls and they’ll become good friends.  It was nice to hang out with moms and meet new people with newborns as well since I’m still kind of new to the area and new to being a mom!

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