What You Really Need In Your Hospital Bag

What You Really Need In Your Hospital Bag

Not much! Just kidding, but seriously.  I felt the same way about what to pack in my hospital bag as I did baby essentials when I spent hours scrolling through Pinterest.  It was overwhelming to me because it seemed like people couldn’t pick less than 20-30 items.  I figured if I really needed something one of my family members could run home and get it or they would have what I needed at the hospital.  Luckily, I was right.  So, here’s my condensed list of the real essentials:


  • Toiletries: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Hairbrush, Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash. I just bought the travel size ones because I like certain brands and never like to use hotel shampoos or conditioners and I figured the hospitals would be the same.  My face is also super sensitive so I only like to use the Burt’s Bee’s face wash.
  • Sweats! I was only at the hospital for 24 hours and spent most of that time in a hospital gown because I would wake up one hour and be super hot and then wake up the next hour and be freezing.  You can thank your hormones for that.  I felt like the hospital gown was nice if I woke up burning up whereas if I was freezing the nurses brought me a heated blanket.  Wish I could still get that at home!  I did end up changing into sweats because they were more comfortable and since I didn’t have a c-section, it didn’t matter what sweats I brought or how they fit around my waist.  I had another pair to wear home from the hospital.
  • Slippers, I brought my slippers because I don’t like walking in public bathrooms barefoot, even if it is the hospital and probably very clean. I also brought sandals to take a shower in.
  • Baby Clothes! I brought a couple of different outfits, which I’m glad I did because most of them were too big for her.  I also brought like 50 different headbands because a girl’s gotta have options!
  • Swaddle or Baby Blanket. Bring one of these so you can cover them up in their carseat when you bring them home.
  • Underwear and a Nursing Bra. These kind of go without saying although I will say that a lot of people suggest you bring nursing pads as well.  My milk took about three days to come in and I really didn’t need them until then.
  • Phone charger! For obvious reasons… PICTURES!


I didn’t even bother putting on make up.  I was so preoccupied that putting on makeup and doing my hair were the last things on my mind. You might have a different opinion on this though!

As far as diapers, wipes, and other baby items are concerned, the hospital has everything you need or want.  In fact, they send you home with a ton of stuff. Some of it we didn’t even use!  In the end, it can’t hurt to over pack or have more than you need, but I really don’t think you need much.


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